Understanding the options in bathroom tiles: A quick look!

Remodeling your bathroom can turn out to be a huge project, especially if you haven’t planned different aspects in advance. Let’s agree to one thing – We all have a budget, and it is necessary to stick to it, and at the same time, practical aspects must be considered, so in a way, you cannot always cut corners in every department. One of the foremost things is to choose bathroom tiles. Being affordable, stylish and easy to maintain, tiles are universally used in bathrooms, and there are quite few options, including known names like Carreaux Metro tuiles pour salle de bain.

In this simple informative post, we are talking about the basic types of tiles that can be considered for the bathroom.

  1. Ceramic. Talking of the budget, there is nothing more affordable and durable like ceramic tiles, which are ideal for all kinds of damp environment. The best part of ceramic tiles is the fact that there’s something for every bathroom, and yes, installation is not as complicated as many may imagine.
  2. Glass. Glass tiles are a strict no-no when it comes to flooring for obvious reasons, but this is a great way to jazz up your backsplash. There are different kinds of glass tiles that can be considered, but do not use this option for where you need anti-slip surfaces.
  3. Stone. Yes, you can get stone tiles for the bathroom, but there’s a bummer – Extensive attention should be paid to the installation, because sealing must be done right. Also, stone tiles are a lot more expensive than ceramic tiles, which must matter to some buyers, but natural stone has a feel that cannot be denied either.
  4. Porcelain. There is no shy away from the fact that porcelain tiles look amazing, but the cost is also a tad more than ceramic tiles. Porcelain, however, does have a few benefits. Firstly, you can find a wide range of options and designs, and these tiles are absolutely water resistant, making them ideal for bathrooms in the long run. You will find tiles that are designed to mimic natural materials, such as wood. However, we do recommend that you hire the best professionals for installation. 

Before you go ahead and give a nod to any of the options, weigh the pros and cons and always get an estimate to know what works for your needs and fits the budget at the same time.

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