How To Find A Plastic Resin Manufacturer For Your Project

The past decades have stood witness to the rise of the use of plastics or plastic resins. Light, versatile and efficient to produce, they can be utilized in a wide range of applications — from storage to packaging. As such, many plastic resin companies benefit from the steady demand for this particular product.

If you are recently completing a project that needs plastic, one of the first things you need to accomplish is securing a reliable manufacturer. Still on the fence about choosing the best firm to cater to your needs? Check out these nine helpful tips we’ve compiled just for you.

Know the specifications of your project

First and foremost, you need to decide and itemize the specifications of your project — What will its appearance be? What’s its expected physical load? Will it be exposed to chemicals? Up to what temperature should it be able to resist?

Evaluate your project needs

Once you’ve laid out your project specs, you will evaluate your project needs. You’d need to identify which type of resin will you use, as well as the budget you would need. In here, you can even make necessary adjustments to find cost-effective alternatives.

Create a prototype of your product or output

Many plastic resin companies often ask for a prototype of your project’s output. This will give them a better grasp of how your product should look like. They can even present better material options based on your prototype.

Ask for referrals

Leverage your network to look for prospective plastic resin suppliers. Tap the people and business owners you trust the most and ask about their recommended manufacturers.

Search for previous customers’ reviews

Like any other manufacturer in other industries, you can initially assess your target plastic resin company by looking into their previous works. Ask around and search the web to find what their previous clients have to say.

Check if they supply the plastic resin type you need

There are different types of plastics (e.g. Bioplastics, polypropylene, etc); each with their pros and cons. Their respective chemical makeups make them suitable for a specific set of uses. Make sure to look for a supplier that actually manufactures what you exactly need.

Inquire about their logistic capabilities

One basic need for any project is efficient logistics. When scouting for the best among the many plastic resin companies existing today, don’t forget to inquire about their logistic capabilities. How will the plastics be produced and delivered? Are there any additional fees for a customized logistic demand?

Look into the quality of their customer service

Apart from the quality of their products, you should also take into account a manufacturer’s customer service. You should choose one that is responsive to your queries (whether they’re forwarded through calls or emails).

Be thorough in asking about and negotiating the price

The pricing policy is an important factor you need to consider when selecting your plastic resin supplier. Apart from being reasonably priced, your prospective manufacturer should also be transparent — be careful with hidden charges.

PolyVisions is among the top plastic resin companies today that can meet the most challenging needs through advanced manufacturing capabilities. Contact us today and let’s discuss your needs.

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